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Projects: Recent Projects
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Shakerhouse Solar Meadow

Design 2019. Implementation 2020

An example of blank slate planning and design for a new build on Cape Cod. The homeowners had a dream for a passivhaus fueled by renewable energy from solar panels on the south-facing roof. To compliment their need for full sun exposure, the idea of a low-growing solar meadow space was born. Together, we created a dynamic garden full of native herbaceous flowering perennials and ornamental grasses to give the impression that their new home was immersed within a field of flowers.

Summer 2023_Stoney Brook.jpg

Modern Drifts for a Modern Home

Design 2020. Implementation 2021

An example of blank slate planning and design, the home itself was complete when I arrived and my first impression was how sleek the facade appeared. We thoughtful located birch trees to direct sight lines and employed a rhythmic foundation plant palette to highlight the beautiful architecture. At the curb, we utilized a different planting approach using blocks to minimize maintenance and maximize flower power as each cluster explodes with color!

The Prairie Garden.jpg

Prairie Garden at Intervale Farms

Design 2021. Implementation 2023

The inspiration for this project was never plants, but instead a collection of bronze sculptures of Mustang, Wolves, Bison, and Owls that made the estate feel more like a wildlife refuge than a residential garden. The opportunity was brought to me with goal to give these sculptures a permanent home immersed within a prairie-style garden that mimics the natural environments that many of these animals might be call home. The plant palette is low-growing to maintain panoramic views of the sculptures from all sides, all year round.

Projects: Projects
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